Are You Warm or Cool? Get the right foundation shade!

As Mineral Makeup (and Minerale as well ;p) gain a following, more and more women are asking, "What's all this talk about Warm or Cool Tones? "  Knowing which tone you are can not only help you choose the right shade of foundations, blushes and eyeshadows, but also help determine what color of clothes and accessories suit you best.

Well, don't get intimidated. It's pretty straight forward and we've got it all here. So, read on!

To get the most flattering foundation for you,
  1. First determine your shade. Are you LIGHT, NATURAL or BEIGE. 
Light is for white and fair skinned. Usually mestizas, and of the chinese/korean/japanese descent
Natural is for the mid colored ladies like morenas.
Beige is for the fuller color and tanner skinned. 
    2. Then determine your tone. Are you WARM or COOL? 

If you are WARM, you usually use yellow based foundation. 
You're also warm toned if you have the ff coloring :
very dark brown with golden undertones
Brown with golden undertone
                Medium with golden undertones
                Pale with peach or gold undertones
Golden brown, when you tan

Some of the Warm personalities are: NIcole Kidman, Meg Ryan, Rene Zellweger, Cameron Diaz, Nichole Richie

If you are COOL, you usually use pink based foundation. More people are cool-toned.
You're cool toned if you have the ff coloring: 
Very dark brown with reddish or blue undertones
Brown with pink undertone
True olive (most filipinas)
Medium with no color in cheeks
Medium with faint pink cheeks
Pale with no color in cheeks
Pale with pink undertones
Ruddy-pinkish red
Brown or bronze when I tan

     Some of the Cool personalities are: Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, Megan Fox

Not yet sure? You can do the VEIN TEST

       In natural lighting, near a window with a natural source of light, make a fist and turn your arm over to show your inner wrist. Examine the color of your veins closely. Are they green-ish? If they are then you are warm-toned. If they are blue-ish, then you are cool-toned. If its a mixture of greens and blues, then you are weird. No, kidding. It means your neutral! :))

There you go, you are one step better equipped in looking minerale-y gorgeous.

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