Cat Eye and Outfits to Match

 Still reeling from Anne Hathaway's superb cat eyes, I decided to put together different version of the Cat-eye look that may inspire you.

cool hair and make up
This is my absolute favorite. Clean. Classy. Expensive.

thin cat eye
One line. Nude Lip. Simple.
Love a lil lipstick every now and again!
Simple Cat-eye with red lipstick can take your skinny jeans,ballet flats and loose top to another level.

Simple cat eye
Or you can go vavava-voom with Mrs. Bardem's look. A dark brown shade to enhance the fold of your lid and some shadow smudged on your lower lash line should do the trick nicely. 
cat eye
Or you can extend the cat-eye fully and play around with dark shimmery shadows such as this look.
Our Black Star eye shade should be perfect for this. Or imagine this look in purple- check out our Spectra. Only Php 295/ 2g jar.

I've put together a mood board of outfits that I envision myself wearing with my cat eye look. Hopefully this helps you really get into the cat-eye mode!

when VB wear and chanel. i´ll keep the chanelparisFall sweater coziness

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