Minerále Style Icon: Anne Hathaway

Minerále Style Icon: Anne Hathaway

Absolutely brilliant cat eyes on Anne Hathaway. Pun intended. Minerále is choosing Anne Hathaway as our makeup style icon this week. Admit it she is beyond spectacular, when I got to see 'Batman' no doubt she was the best thing in it.

Photo from: www.romatld.org

The cat eye look is as seductive as the smoky eye but uses less makeup and has fewer steps. 

The secret: Proper priming and placement.


Start by gently blotting out the oil on your lid. Lightly sweep a little Flawless Finish Foundation from the lids until under the eyebrow. This will help the mineráliner grip and get it to stay put.

**Before going any further.. promise me not to pull your lids taut while applying mineráliner? There is no need for it AND who wants premature wrinkles? Using a dampened soft angled brush to line the eyes means virtually no pulling as the pigments glide easily onto your lids.


3 rules. Middle-Out. Small strokes. Eyes open.

Stay close to your lash line use small strokes and begin lining from the middle of the lid then outwards. Tap the excess pigments then thinly fill in the inner lash line.

Curl your lashes. Open your eyes and observe the shadow your outer lashes cast. Dot on the very end of it. If your lashes are short and slightly invisible like mine, a dot 2mm away from the outer corners of your eye will be decent enough. For good measure make it 4mm for evening looks.

Winging it. Connect the dot to the outer end of your eye and gradually curve it towards the initial line. When you close your eyes and if it resembles a soft check mark, then you got it right!

Photos from: www.allure.com

Always observe your eyes. Experiment on these styles and see what you think is the most flattering for you.

Photo from: www.piensaenchic.com

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** doubles as brow fillers

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