Mobile Makeup Apps and The Best Tutorials on Youtube

I was browsing over the internet looking for ideas on what to post when i came by this:
I never learn

Then i thought, that is absolutely true but absolutely hard to do everyday. As life is, surprises as such tend to happen when you least expect it. 
So then, I continued browsing and came by:
For you iphone and ipad users out there, click here for the link to the article

I personally downloaded #2 on the list which was the CelebMakeup App and thought it was pretty handy to have celebrity make up tutorials at your fingertips. You know, just in case you're in a cinch but life decides to be kind and gives you a heads up before Mr. Dashing Stranger or Ms. Old Enemy passes by. 

This app (which is free) features real people putting make up on real-looking people,none of those models who will look good in whatever look you give them. It's inspiring to me to see that everyday people aspire to look like our favorite celebrities and actually pull it off. There is hope for all of us. 

click here for the link to the article has compiled a list of the 10 Best makeup tutorials on youtube. And although, i have to say, some are hits and some are misses, you'll still definitely learn something. If you see some makeup you like from these tutorials, please check out our Products Page, i'm sure we have something to match. 


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