Woman on the Go

A woman on the go is My. Favorite. Woman. And she truly is the inspiration behind minerale. I firmly believe that women of today's generation CAN HAVE IT ALL. It's not anymore just one or the other: either nice but timid, intelligent but nerdy, pretty but too dependent , strong but unfeminine. No. I am proud that, and prouder that my friends are such, today's woman is strong, capable, a go-getter and feminine. She is intelligent, nerdy, confident, a work-a-holic but ALSO warm, caring and a family-woman.

Today's woman has the ingredients  to have it all.  She is a glamorous PR guru who passes by the grocery after a long day at work to buy her four year old ice cream. She is the strong woman behind the politician or is the politician herself. She is the Dean's lister-cheerleader who is well-loved by her schoolmates. She is even the stay-at-home-mom who takes good care of her family but does not forget that she has to take care of herself, too. SHE IS YOU. Or she is who you can be. She is smart, witty, fashionable, pretty and able to stand on her own two feet. She is the active mom who never forgets to put lipstick on before going to the supermarket. She is the twenty-something who is always in a hurry and only has time to put make-up in the car while waiting for the green light. 

Of course, minerale supports all kinds of women. But I feel so strongly that this is the kind of woman that minerale supports the most: the woman who want to do something. 

Minerale supports a healthy beautiful you by giving you all of nature's colors while helping you achieve healthy skin.We support that you are an active woman in pursuit of an active lifestyle. We support your dreams. 

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