5 steps to get daytime smoky eyes!

Daytime makeup calls for more subtle smoky eyes so we chose neutrals and lighter shades of eye shadows colors.  This look is very sexy and feminine. I recommend you try it since it is simple and easy to do.   
Ready your tools:
  • Deux Expert Eyes Brush
  • Golden Pearl Eye Shadow
  • Winter Iris Eye Shadow
  • Brown mineráliner
  • Brass Eye Shadow
  • Tissues, Cotton Swabs and a small water dipper
Step One
Prep eye lids with a mattifier to absorb excess oil and reduce shine. Blend a little concealer under the eyes if needed.

Never use concealer on your lids, women usually do this to even out discoloration and to make eye shadow stay longer. But no, in reality the concealer will melt and lodge itself within your pores and lines.  If you want your eye makeup to last longer, just dampen your brush when you apply eye shadows and liners.
Step Two
Tap some Golden Pearl Eye Shadow pigments onto the cover of the jar. Using the dry fluffy side of the Deux Expert Eyes Brush dust pigments all over lid up to the brow bone to keep color in place and give a pearly finish.
Step Three
Sweep Winter Iris on the lid only avoiding the crease. This will give you a fresh pink pop and make the transition of colors much smoother.
Step 4
Build on your crease using the matte Brown mineráliner. Make sure to tap excess pigments on the lid to prevent fall out.
Step 5
Wet the liner side of the Deux Expert Eyes Brush and gently push in Brass on the lower lash line. This makes the eyes look wider and you lashes more defined.
Here's the finished look!  See how little effort makes dramatic effects. Notice the difference, the other eye is more defined and the lashes look fuller even without without mascara.
Enhancing The Look:
When you’re going for daytime smoky eyes keep your lip color light. If you feel like you need more color use a blush in the same hue of your lip color. You can even 3-D your lips for a more glam runway effect. Post to follow.
Photos: Katy Del Villar
Tutorial by: Lia Fuentes

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