Be a [Black] Star

While watching my weekly fashion fix, this week's is courtesy of Project Runway Season 10, I was dumbstruck with Melissa's dress. 

Okay, It wasn't particularly that awesome. I'm not  particularly a fan of the stand-up collar.  Although, she was one of the four  with the highest scores. What struck me dumb was that it reminded me exactly of our Black Star eyeshade. 

Her fabric choice is the exact shade of our Black star mineraliner. It captured the beautiful mix of black and gold infusion giving it a somewhat
bronze-y, luxurious feel. 

Melissa's whole look is actually styled very strongly. I love the twist on the french twist (get it?) wherein they did it on top of the head as well, making it look like a mo-hawk. 

Black Star is Minerale's updated twist to the smokey-eye. 

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