Confessions of a Moisture Vulture

I live on the edge. My work-play-laze lifestyle is like a candle being burnt on both ends. There's a possibility that maybe my skin might be experiencing less fun than I am so I never forget to pay extra attention to it.

After years of hunting down the best moisturizers for my incredibly dry and sensitive skin.  i have discovered three products that have dramatically helped me cheat skin tragedies and nightmares brought upon by late nights and what-nots..

Here are my skin-savers...

Crème La Mer “The legendary Crème that has inspired a cult following.” Truly a miracle broth! With my crazy dehydrating lifestyle, this has revived my skin maybe at least a hundred times. A little dollop between your palms and gentle pats on the face makes my skin feel like silk. Thank you aerospace physicist Max Huber for perfecting this crème, 12 years was worth the wait, you are my hero. Wanna see the miracle for yourself?
Clinique Moisture Surge. This light pink gel-like moisturizer is my fave for regular night skin regimen maintenance, most especially for those who sleep with indoor heating/air conditioning.  Since it has no SPF, I use it before I go to bed. This is one product that shows amazing skin re-texturization just the morning after. I swear my pores seem relatively smaller the next day and my skin feels plumped, the 24-hour mositure promise is true. More product details here.
Hydraphel Day Cream SPF 15 by Erno Lazlo. My most recent discovery, I use this during the day before my make up. The sun protection factor is just right for me since my sun exposure nowadays is minimal. It takes roughly 20 seconds to get out of my car and into my office building.. depressing. I miss the beach. Discover who Erno Lazlo is.

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