éclater votre CERISE - a practical guide to popping your cherry

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What it is:
Cerise is a cherry to deep pink colored minerále blush.

What else you need to know:
Blush is probably the most basic tool you must have in your makeup arsenal. Applying it is a delicate art. Too little and there's barely any glow or too much and you like like a kid who just raided her mom's vanity!  Minerále shares how to perk up your cheeks and get that healthy glow like Katy Perry here:

Minerále How To:
Pick up some pigments with your brush then swirl on the lid and tap off excess. Dust lightly on the face for a tinge of color gently build up for more intensity.  Not sure where to put the blush? Know your face shape and read on below.

ROUND SHAPE: To thin the face
Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, but don’t go in any closer to the nose than under your iris.  Dust a matte bronzer below the cheekbone down to the chin line and blend to shave off the pounds.

OVAL SHAPE: Add definition to your angles
For daytime, simply apply blush to the apple for a pretty flushed look.  To amp up for nighttime drama, apply blush on the tip of the nose and across the bridge.

LONG SHAPE: To broaden the face
Sweep blush on the apple and extend toward the ear stop under the temple to create illusion of width.  Dust a matte bronzer across the middle of the forehead and along your chin.

SQUARE SHAPE: To soften the angles
Concentrate the blush color at the apple then brush it up and out to the temples to give your face a little lift.  To round your face, dust bronzer from your chin to the middle of your ear along the underside of your cheekbone.

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