Get the London Girl Look

The London Girl is admired for her simple, classy but always edgy style. She is also clean, classy and edgy when it comes to her signature makeup. Read on to get inspired by the beautiful London girls and learn how to get her complete look: makeup+style.

Hazel and Citrine only P295 per jar of P999 for a set of 4. 
Blush and Bronzer are only P395 per 5g.

1. Apply Hazel on the eyelids concentrating on the socket of your eyes. Follow the shape just under the brow bone. Also apply some Hazel close to your lower lash line. This will give you a slightly dark undereye shadow and lend you that edgy feel.
2. Get your Citrine and apply on the center of your eyelids to the corner of your eyes. Also apply under your eyebrows to highlight your brow bone. Blend.
3. Apply your blush or bronzer on the hollow of your cheeks. Blend upward until your hairline.
4. Apply your favorite mascara on your upper lashes only. No need to go crazy with it, we just want to accentuate your lashes. 
5. Apply your favorite nude lipstick for that clean, polished look.
6. Lastly, see fashion inspirations below to complete your London Girl look.

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