Minerále Contour Set

Minerále Contour Set total worth of Php 1,585
Set Promo price Php 1,400 

Highlight and contouring set includes:
    1 Matte or Shimmer Bronzer. 5.0g size.
    1 Sheer Minerále Mattifier. 5.0g size.
    1 Full size Bamboo-ki brush.

Customize the contents of your own set:
Your personalized minerale set.  Create your own customizable contour set.

Choose your own mattifier. The minerále mattifying powder is formulated to be a multi-talented skin care secret that delivers a smooth, refined look and feel.  Minimizes oily areas, large pores and fine lines.

Clear. Ultra sheer for light to medium skin tones with neutral undertones.
Rosy. For fair and pinkish skin tones.
Tinted. For deeper and tanned skin tones.

Choose your own contour shade. Highly pigmented bronzers to define and sculpt cheekbones that are available in both matte and glowing shimmers

Pure Bronze. Completely matte highly pigmented bronzer.
Warm Bronze. Golden shimmery bronzer in a warm sunny shade.
Bronze Glow. High definition gold sparks immersed in a smooth deep tan.

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