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Why we exist? 
Minerále is a brand driven by a passion for beauty. We live to create cosmetics that will co-exist with the the modern, dynamic woman. We believe in the value of having healthy and flawless skin. Minerále healthy makeup can nourish, protect and enhance your skin.
Come and explore our transcription of nature’s colors!

Mel and Micha
Co-Founders, Minerále Cosmetics Mfg.

What is Minerále?
Minerále is all about using only 100% naturally derived minerals from the earth. Our lightweight formula will give you the flawless looking skin you want while contributing to the improvement of various skin conditions.

Minerále takes it beyond those healthy benefits. Our brand is proud to showcase a variety of tones that can be custom-fit for anyone. Our flagship line, the Neutral Eyeshadows, created to achieve the barely-there-but-polished look; a look so famous to minerále because of its ability to capture one’s true and natural beauty.  Minerále also takes pride in its rich collection of hues and colors that can give you the natural glow of healthy skin.

Why choose Minerále?
Clinical studies have proven that loose mineral makeup is healthier for the skin as it is free from oils, waxes, chemicals & preservatives of traditional pressed makeup. At minerále we use only the best and highest quality ingredients tested and sourced from all over the globe. Choosing only the finest and purest minerals from the earth and formulating it for the skin, ensuring it is:
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Anti-inflammatory and Non-Acnegenic
  • Light, sheer to heavy customizable coverage
  • Equipped with SPF 15 UVA/B
Minerále also includes our signature top of the line brushes that have been carefully selected for their gentleness and durability that truly delivers a fully flawless package.

We'd love to hear from you.

Minerále really appreciates inquiries and feedback from our customers. So send us your comments, questions and suggestions to help us make Minerále the best brand for you.
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